Salamanders Primaris Upgrades and Transfers

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Show your allegiance to the Sons of Vulkan with this set of upgrades and transfers for your Primaris Space Marines. It can be used to upgrade a variety of squads with iconography and details specific to the Salamanders Chapter.

This kit contains 2 frames, each containing the following:

- 5x Salamanders Mk X power armour shoulder pads (designed for use with Hellblasters/Intercessors)
- 1x Salamanders Mk X power armour shoulder pad (designed for Characters or Sergeants from Hellblasters/Intercessors squads)
- 2x Salamanders Gravis armour shoulder pad (designed for use with Aggressors)
- 1x Salamanders Gravis armour shoulder pad (designed for Characters or Sergeants from Aggressors squads)
- 2x Salamanders character bare head (one featuring a rebreather)
- 1x Salamanders helmeted head
- 1x left arm holding a thunder hammer
- 1x right arm holding a hand flamer
- 1x flaming brazier to be mounted on a backpack
- 2x items to be added to models' belts

The set also contains 2 transfer sheets including Chapter, squad and vehicle transfers, as well as campaign badges, squad numbers, rank and honour markings.
  • Manufacturer: Games Workshop
  • Unit type: Bitz and DecalsImperium
  • Warhammer 40k faction: Salamanders
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