Death Guard: Scribbus Wretch, the Tallyman

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This multi-part plastic kit includes all the components needed to assemble Scribbus Wretch, a Death Guard Tallyman. Unpleasant even by Death Guard standards, he obsessively counts and catalogs misfortune. His left arm holds a massive ream of paper on a clipboard, while a bone stylus in his right hand adds to his tallies. A peculiar apparatus hangs from his back, culminating in a tentacle that clutches an abacus—its beads, upon closer inspection, reveal themselves as skulls. His armor, typical of the Death Guard, is corroded, covered in boils, and adorned with Nurgle icons. Accompanying him is a Nurgling, diligently carrying extra ink and paper. Scribbus Wretch stands atop a pile of books, likely authored by him and filled with atrocities.

This kit comes as 8 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.

  • Manufacturer: Games Workshop
  • Game system: Warhammer 40k
  • Product type: Miniature
  • Warhammer 40k faction: Death Guard
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