Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion Card Values

Star Wars Unlimited Spark of Rebellion Card Values

As with all Trading Card Games (TCGs), some cards in Star Wars Unlimited hold significantly more value than others. Despite being a relatively new addition to the TCG market, Star Wars Unlimited has already seen players trading cards for hundreds of £££'s each. Let’s delve into the most valuable cards in the newest TCG and latest Star Wars themed offering from Fantasy Flight Games.

Understanding Card Rarity in Star Wars Unlimited

Before we dive into the pricey cards, let’s grasp the rarity system in Star Wars Unlimited. When you crack open a booster pack, you have the chance to discover cards from four tiers:

  • Common: These are the workhorses of the game, found in most packs.
  • Uncommon: Slightly rarer than commons, these cards offer more strategic options.
  • Rare: These cards are less common and often have powerful effects.
  • Legendary: The crème de la crème! Legendary cards are the stuff of legends, found in approximately 1 out of every 8 booster packs on average.

But wait, there’s more! Each card can also come in two additional variants:

  • Hyperspace variant: The artwork spills out of the border, filling the entire card. It’s like the card is bursting with energy!
  • Foil variant: The backgrounds shimmer and shine, adding a touch of elegance.

And if you’re exceptionally lucky, you might stumble upon cards with both Hyperspace and Foil effects applied. These are the unicorns of the Star Wars Unlimited universe.

Never Tell Me the Odds! No Tell Me Please!

Here’s the scoop on the odds of finding these variants:

  • Foil card: Guaranteed 1 per booster pack.
  • Hyperspace card: Approximately 2 per 3 booster packs on average.
  • Hyperspace Rare/Legendary: About 1 per 15 booster packs on average.
  • Foil & Hyperspace Rare/Legendary: A rare treat at 1 per 50 booster packs on average.

But hold your lightsabers! Topping the rarity list are the Showcase versions of select Leader cards. These elusive beauties are incredibly rare, with an average of 1 per 12 booster boxes (not packs!). That means you have a mere 1 in 4608 chance of uncovering one. Talk about a needle in a haystack!

The Most Expensive Star Wars Unlimited Cards

It's not hard to imagine that the Showcase versions of cards dominate the most expensive cards in a Star Wars Unlimited Booster Box. Here's a run down of the top five.

Boba Fett – Collecting the Bounty (Showcase)

Boba Fett – Collecting the Bounty (Showcase) : This card reigns supreme as the single most expensive gem in Star Wars Unlimited. Changing hands at approximately £400, it’s the holy grail for collectors and players alike.

Leia Organa - Alliance General

Coming in a close second is Leia Organa - Alliance General. With it's beatiful artwork, the Leia showcase variant can set you back up to £300.

Emperor Palpatine - Galactic Ruler

The evil guy with the lightening powers is at number three. This sought after Showcase card will also set you back around the £300 mark.

Iden Versio - Inferno Squad Commander

The TIE Fighter pilot Iden Versio makes its way into the top four. This showcase variant can cost up to £220

Darth Vader - Commanding the First Legion

So, the only card in the top five that isn't a Showcase variant is Darth Vader. The Hyperspace/Foil variant of this card is no slouch though, knocking you back £200.

Remember, prices can fluctuate as more boosters hit the market and the game evolves. So, if you’re venturing into the Star Wars Unlimited universe, keep your eyes peeled for these valuable collectibles. You never know, pick up a single Start Wars Unlimited Booster Pack and you may get one of these beauties. May the Force (and luck) be with you!