Warhammer: The Old World Releases Next Week

Warhammer: The Old World Releases Next Week

Warhammer Community have announced this week's pre-orders and are going really strong on The Old World releases.

Kingdom of Bretonnia

First up is a collection of miniature sets from the Kingdom of Bretonnia.

Lady Élisse Duchaard

Leading the charge is the esteemed Lady Élisse Duchaard, the revered Prophetess from the court of Brionne. Mounted on her noble unicorn, Ariandir, she gracefully enters the battlefield. Not only is she a formidable wizard, but her unicorn is also a force to be reckoned with.

Kingdom of Bretonnia Peasant Bowmen

Alternatively, you can bolster your defenses with 36 Peasant Bowmen, equipped with wooden stakes to fortify their position against enemy charges and similar threats.

Kingdom of Bretonnia Men at Arms

Consider enhancing your army with the renowned Men at Arms. This set provides you with 36 miniature soldiers, complete with a selection of polearms or hand weapons, and accompanied by their reliable shields for added defence.

Lord on Royal Pegasus

Lord on Royal Pegasus riding a majestic mythical winged creature, offers various customisation options for the head, torso, and armaments. Your noble Lord can also be optionally built as the Duke or Baron character.

Tomb Kings of Khemri

Not to be outdone, there's a couple of resin pieces from the Tomb Kings of Khemri.

Tomb Kings of Khemri Casket of Souls

To begin with, the Casket of Souls has been exquisitely re-crafted in Forge World resin, boasting an unprecedented level of detail.

Necrolith Colossus

Also up, is Necrolith Colossus, which has been newly forged in resin, enhancing its formidable presence.

Orc & Goblin Tribes

Waaagh!!! Boat Load of Orcs & Goblins are also heading our way.

Orc Shamans

The might of the Waaagh!!! is showcased splendidly with significant new offerings for both Orc and Goblin Tribes. The lineup begins with the Orc Shamans, which includes a duo of figures: one Shaman on foot for strategic command and another mounted on a fierce plastic Orc Boar for rapid assault.

Orc Mobs & Black Orc Mobs

Amass your ranks with hordes of Boyz, available in a 40-man box, or opt for the elite 20-strong set of Black Orcs for a formidable force.Each set provides a diverse selection of hand weapons and shields.
All will be available to pre-order next week.